Our Mission

The Global Forum for Civic Affairs commits to building spaces that promote open & fair discourse, peace, and justice.

The Global Forum for Civic Affairs co-hosts international workshops and produces education media that helps thought-leaders model healthy communication and cooperatively cut through disinformation and propaganda to change how people interact with information.


Learn. Innovate. Transform.

The United States and China are in position to influence notions of democracy, nationalism, citizenship, human rights, environmental priorities & natural resource use, serving as the media generators and health care providers for billions of consumers worldwide for the foreseeable future. We believe the fate of the 21st century hinges on the success or failure of the U.S.-China relationship or, as one co-founder put it, “We’re dancing on a knife’s edge.”

At the Global Forum for Civic Affairs, we’re dedicated to creating healthier relations—peaceful relationships whose discourse is as open & fair as it is just. Our work toward that goal can be found in our five change strategies founded on reciprocity, mutual respect, & trust-building.

Mobile Minds as Civic Education

Mobile Minds is an innovative educational partnership where GFCA, working with China  Education TV (CETV)— one of the world’s largest media providers—to write, produce, and distribute both legacy and social media designed to improve inclusivity, mitigate misinformation,  promote equitable collaboration and deep partnerships.

Our overarching goal is to use educational new media to improve equity, ensure information through convenient programming, provide reliable access to government information, and strengthen citizen engagement skills by advancing the tools of intercultural literacy and understanding across national borders.


Organizing Workshops for Civic Engagement

During our first decade, GFCA  has organized and hosted several groundbreaking conferences in China.  Our workshop series, Age of Globalization: Communication, Media, & Governance,  provides international spaces to unpack civil society's challenges, address capacity building, outcome scaling, and consider global citizen needs. Our events have convened  1,000+ thought-leaders, academics, researchers, practitioners of new media, civic leaders, private sector contributors, and students from China (including Hong Kong, Macau, and Tibet), Israel, Russia, South  Korea, Pakistan, Nepal, India, Belgium, France, Canada, Taiwan, New  Zealand, Singapore, Nigeria, Turkey, the Netherlands, Brazil, Austria,  Spain, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, and the United States.

Dissemination of Partner Engagement & Collaboration

The international relationship between the U.S., China, and International Allies has been poisoned for generations by acrimony and misunderstanding. Forging a partnership with the prestigious Michigan State  University Press to launch a book series, “U.S.-China Relations in the Age of Globalization.”  The development of accessible texts is a critical part of a  globalized strategy to emphasize commitments to decency, fairness, inclusion, and transparency.  Those iterative ideas focusing on learning and the process can then be fertilized, tilled, grown, and when ready,  harvested, and disseminated at low-to-no costs.

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National Communication Association, Annual Conference

The NCA’s annual convention brings together 4,000+ scholars of communication; sessions further our understanding of U.S.-China relations and deepen interpersonal bonds among scholars from China, the U.S., and beyond.  Since 2016, we have hosted workshops, conferences, conference panels, and celebratory banquets at these NCA conventions. Whether held in America, China, these conferences serve as an understood academic model to share ideas, in turn, create opportunities for the Global Forum to influence change while building bridges of trust and friendship.

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Cohort-based International Exchanges

In partnership with the University of Pacific,  The University of Denver, and the World Trade  Center of Northern California, GFCA coordinates two international professional exchanges between representatives from the United States and China each year. These 2-week immersive exchanges bring together government officials, community leaders, emerging entrepreneurs, representatives from the private sector, and educational experts from both countries to improve cultural fluency, share best practices and build friendships needed for sustainable programming. Providing international collaboration opportunities for Americans to learn from leaders in China, MENA, other allies, and vice versa.

Seeding the Future, Visiting Student Fellows Program

Engagement and Research is best learned by doing. With our partners, GFCA is co-hosting an inclusive “Visiting Student Fellows Program” to reimagine higher education in the age of globalization. A comprehensive cohort-based program including scholars-in-residence, tracking initiatives, mentoring, peer-track groups, new media & audio conferences, and a fellow’s website working together on a shared theme.

This college experience is international and justice-driven while enabling students to matriculate from BA-to-MA programs while moving between U.S. and international campuses, taking risks, working toward intercultural and interconnected understanding, and sharing unique aspirations, hence becoming tomorrow’s bilingual thought-leaders.

Seeding the Future, Visiting Student Fellows Program
Organizing Workshops for Civic Engagement

Who we are

International colleagues forging global partnerships.

We’ve dedicated our lives to academically-grounded approaches & forging the needed partnerships to understand and impact global issues.

We’re a team of leading practitioners in academia and government that includes strategists, international stakeholders, future-focused institutions, civically-engaged organizations, and advocates. Our bodies of work are diversely committed to cross-cultural research, advancing collaborative skills, supporting transparent policy, analysis recommendations, and serving community practitioners.

Want to Collaborate?

We are always looking to develop meaningful partnerships to rebuild the highly dynamic relationship between the U.S., China, MENA, and other international allies. If you are doing cutting-edge research or producing interculturally sensitive media in the areas of misinformation and propaganda, please reach out!

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OUR Collaborating Partners

Global Forum’s collaborating partners support our work using a trust-based philanthropy philosophy. We seek to apply that philosophy in our relationships with every grantor and partner.

Our use of the trust-based philanthropy concept is simple: empower Global Forum to use its staff’s time as mission-driven, field-expert professionals on mission-focused work. Embedded in our change strategies is academically-grounded reporting that does due diligence and offers opportunities for reciprocity. We are fortunate to have individuals and organizations that provide support as we produce adaptive communication media and provide communities with the resources to respond to disinformation and propaganda’s persistent challenges.

 For more information about our approach to building trust with funding partners, please go to www.trustbasedphilanthropy.org.